Adopted by AGM 12/3/22

1. NAME:

  1. The Club shall be called the “Great Glen Walking Club”, hereafter referred to as the Club.


The aims and objectives of the Club are:-

  • To provide varied companionable walking for all ages, backgrounds and walking abilities. Volunteers, members and guests can be assured of an environment in which their rights, dignity and individual worth are respected, and in particular that they can enjoy participating in club activities without the threat of intimidation, victimisation, harassment or abuse.
    • To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club.
    • To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone.
    • To promote respect for and responsible access to Scotland’s countryside, minimising our impact on the landscapes we explore.


  • Membership is open to anyone of 16 years of age and over and no application for membership will be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of disability, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, political or other opinion.
  • Membership shall consist of Ordinary and Honorary members.
  • Anyone up to the age of 16 can come as a guest of a family member on an unlimited number of occasions, on condition that the family member takes full responsibility for their wellbeing and behaviour.
  • Honorary membership may be conferred by the Committee on any person whom they deem worthy of the honour.
    • All applications for membership shall be submitted to the Secretary who will deal with them in accordance with the general and specific decisions of the Committee.
    • The Committee shall be entitled to refuse any application for membership on the grounds that such membership would be prejudicial to the objectives of the Club as set out in Article 2 of this Constitution.
    • The Committee may for good and sufficient reason refuse the renewal of any existing membership or terminate or suspend any membership.
    • The Committee may determine the total membership from time to time.
    • After attending a maximum of two meets as a guest (age 16 and over), payment of the annual membership fee shall be required to participate in any future club activities.
    • Members joining the Club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution and any Rules published from time to time by the Committee.
    • Each fully paid up member shall be entitled to attend and vote at Special (SGM) or Annual General Meetings (AGM) and may be elected and serve on the Committee.


  • The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by the Committee which will consist of the following members elected annually at the Annual General Meeting:-
  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Between four and six ordinary members
    • No member may be elected to the Committee unless they are present at the Annual General meeting, or intimation that the member is willing to serve on the Committee has been submitted to the Secretary at least seven days prior to the meeting.
    • The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional temporary members as it sees fit between Annual General Meetings.
    • A member of the Committee will usually take the minutes of Committee meetings, the Annual General Meeting, and any Special General Meetings. In the event that no Committee member is able or willing, a minute taker who is not on the Committee (and as such is not entitled to vote) may be appointed.
    • The Committee shall have general control of the affairs of the Club including:-
  • The applications for membership and the conferring of Honorary membership.
  • The regulation of members by suspension, expulsion or otherwise for breach of the Rules, or such conduct which in the absolute discretion of the Committee justifies such action. Expulsion may only take place by a vote of the full Committee, or a minimum of five members present at a meeting specially convened for the purpose.
  • The making of new Rules or amendments of the existing Rules as they deem fit, subject to Article 2 of this Constitution.
  • The determination of the fee to be charged for membership and part year membership in each financial year.
    • Five members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.
    • All votes shall be determined by a simple majority. The Chairperson will cast a second (or “casting”) vote in the event of deadlock.


  • A bank account in the name of the Club will be maintained at a bank chosen by the Committee. Up to four members of the Committee will be authorised to operate the account, which will require two authorised signatures to each cheque issued.
    • The Treasurer, under the direction of the Committee, will receive and disburse all monies due to, or by the Club, and keep accurate accounts thereof. The financial year will end on 31st December each year.
    • An Independent Examiner will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Examiner may attend all meetings of the Committee, but will not have a vote. The Examiner will examine the Annual Accounts before their presentation to the Annual General Meeting.


  • The Annual General Meeting will take place, in such place, and on such date in the month of March each year, as the Committee shall determine.
    • The Annual General Meeting will:-
  • Approve the minutes of the previous year’s AGM.
  • Receive reports from the Chairperson and Secretary.
  • Receive a report from the Treasurer and approve the Annual Accounts.
  • Elect the Committee and Office bearers.
  • Elect an Independent Examiner for the accounts
  • Deal with any other relevant business.
    • Notice of motions intended to be submitted to Special General Meetings and Annual General Meetings shall be in writing and signed by the member giving the notice, and delivered to the Secretary seven days before the meeting.
    • Special General Meetings of the Club shall be called if the Committee so directs, or on the requisition in writing by no less than twenty-five Ordinary members of the Club or (in the event that membership falls below 100) 25% of the membership..
    • A quorum for a Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting will require twenty-five members, or (in the event that membership falls below 100) 25% of the membership.
    • All votes shall be determined by a simple majority. In the event of a tied vote the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.
    • Notification of all Special General Meetings and Annual General Meetings shall be given 14 days prior to the meeting date.
    • Committee Meetings take place as and when required.


  • All complaints regarding the behaviour of members and guests should be presented and submitted in writing to the Secretary.
    • The Committee will meet to hear complaints within 21 days of a complaint being lodged. The Committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including the termination of membership, or (for guests) removal of walking privileges.
    • The outcome of a disciplinary hearing should be notified in writing to the person who lodged the complaint and the member against whom the complaint was made within 7 days of the hearing.
    • There will be the right of appeal to the Committee following disciplinary action being announced. The Committee should consider the appeal within 21 days of the Secretary receiving the appeal.


  • All proposed changes to the Constitution must be sent to the secretary in accordance with Article 6.3 of this Constitution.
    • No change to the Constitution shall be made except by a vote of a majority of the members present and entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.


  • A resolution to dissolve the Club can only be passed at an AGM or SGM through a majority vote of those attending.
    • In the event of dissolution, all debts should be cleared with any Club funds. Any assets of the Club that remain following this will be donated to another organisation with similar or complementary objectives, as recommended by the Committee and ratified at the AGM or SGM.


The Great Glen walking Club hereby adopts and accepts this Constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of members.