Walks Program

Members click here for full details – you will need the password. If you need a reminder, or if you have yet to receive a password, contact the secretary.

Not yet a member? Click here to see upcoming walks . You must book a place with the walk leader, no more than 7 days before the date of the walk. Contact the secretary for the walk leader’s contact details. You can join us on up to 2 walks as a guest -after that, you must join to continue walking with the club.

What you need to know before you go

In the programme a grade is assigned to each walk reflecting the level of difficulty and the level of fitness required, according to the following general guide:

  • C    Walks of the least difficulty, not more than 10 miles distance OR 1000 feet ascent. C+ indicates more challenging gradient or terrain.
  • B Walks more difficult than C+ and not exceeding 15 miles distance OR 1500 feet ascent. B+ indicates particular challenges due to gradient or terrain.
  • A Walks more difficult than B+ and not exceeding 18 miles distance OR 3000 feet ascent. A+ indicates greater distance or ascent, or particular challenges due to gradient or terrain.

‘C’ walks are not short or half day ‘A’ or ‘B’ walks. They are provided so that the club can meet its objective of catering for all ages and walking strengths. The pace is accordingly leisurely with ample stops. Weather permitting, there will be opportunity for us all to enjoy the countryside in depth.

‘A’ and ‘B’ walks will still provide opportunities for stops, photography, etc. but require a higher level of fitness. Members are asked to ensure that they are fit for all walks they intend to undertake. It is recommended that before attempting A walks several B walks should be done to confirm fitness.

Please refer also to the Safety and Covid pages