Adopted by AGM 12/12/22

NEW MEMBERS                          

New members are very welcome.  We pride ourselves in being a friendly club, and trust that you will find us so.  We hope that, in due course, you will help us to make other new members welcome. You may attend a maximum of 2 walks as our guest: you may only continue to walk with the club after that if the Treasurer or Secretary has received your application to join the club and payment of the first subscription has been received.


The meeting place for all walks is the UHI car park on Ness Walk, unless otherwise stated in the programme.   Any member going straight to the start of the walk MUST inform the walk leader beforehand.


Please arrive 15 minutes before the listed departure time.


In the programme a grade is assigned to each walk reflecting the level of difficulty and the level of fitness required, according to the following general guide:

C    Walks of the least difficulty, not more than 10 miles distance OR 1000 feet ascent.

       C+ indicates more challenging gradient or terrain.

B     Walks more difficult than C+ and not exceeding 15 miles distance OR 1500 feet ascent.

        B+ indicates particular challenges due to gradient or terrain.

A     Walks more difficult than B+ and not exceeding 18 miles distance OR 3000 feet ascent.

        A+ indicates greater distance or ascent, or particular challenges due to gradient or terrain.

‘C’ walks are not short or half day ‘A’ or ‘B’ walks. They are provided so that the club can meet its objective of catering for all ages and walking strengths. The pace is accordingly leisurely with ample stops. Weather permitting, there will be opportunity for us all to enjoy the countryside in depth.

‘A’ and ‘B’ walks will still provide opportunities for stops, photography, etc. but require a higher level of fitness. Members are asked to ensure that they are fit for all walks they intend to undertake. It is recommended that before attempting A walks several B walks should be done to confirm fitness.


If you have any queries regarding the walks please telephone the appropriate leader, whose telephone number can be found in the walk programme.


All maps used are the Ordnance Survey Landranger series 1:50,000 with magenta cover.


No dogs are allowed on club walks with the exception of Registered Assistance Dogs.


Members may use their own cars or share other member’s cars.  We try to take as few cars as possible both for economy and ease of parking at our destination.  It is hoped that car owners will make their cars available as necessary so that everyone takes a fair share in providing transport.

Passengers are asked to contribute to petrol costs (calculated at 20p per mile per car, split between all the occupants of the car).

After a day’s walking many walkers like to make a refreshment stop on the way home.  Passengers who do not want to break their journey should, if possible, travel with a driver who is not making a stop.

We advise that walkers do not leave valuables in cars, or leave notes to suggest that they will be away all day, or show their home address.


For the wellbeing of all, walkers should follow the Health and Safety rules included with each Walks Program.


When a bus is used Prior Bookings and Payments are required.  

Guests are welcome, but priority will be given to club members. There are No refunds for “No show”.

Charges are based on the bus being fully booked.  A small surcharge may be made if there are unfilled seats.

Whenever possible, on the homeward journey, there will be a bar supper.

Please indicate on the booking form whether or not you intend to have a bar supper.


Where available, the secretary will communicate with members by email. News updates will keep members informed of all matters affecting the club, such as walk programmes, amendments of dates and times of programmes, bus trips, and social events. An agenda will be issued before meetings.

If you do not have access to email, please supply the secretary with, initially, no less than six addressed and stamped envelopes, sized A5 – 16cm x 22cm  (6 1/2 ” x 9” approx).  These are the most convenient size, and essential under the new postage rates in August 2006.  

Please do not use A4 envelopes as these will carry an additional charge.

When the last supplied envelope is used the secretary will advise the member by a printed message on that envelope requesting a further supply.  It is the responsibility of the member to keep the secretary so supplied.


Many specialist retailers offer a discount to walking club members. It can pay to ask at checkout.

We hope that you will enjoy your membership of the club and will encourage others to join.  Your participation is welcomed in all the club’s activities.

If you have any concerns, complaints, ideas, or suggestions for improvements please contact either the Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer or a Committee Member.  We cannot resolve your concerns  unless you tell us.